Just wanted to say thanks for a great show/party. While I did not get to see very much of it personally, I did get to hear about quite a bit of it – Coins moving from one hand to another, cards changing, coins falling up, etc, etc, etc. I would like to say job well done. Feel free to use me as a reference any time and I will assure you that they will consider you Houdini raised from the dead. The parts of it that I did see were clever, professional, slick, and entertaining. You allowed my guests to have fun and be entertained. I will certainly look for additional venues to use you again.

Phil C (Saber Power Services, LLC)


We just wanted to thank you again for a great time. Your magic was much appreciated, and as promised you were at the top of 5 comment cards. Not to mention a follow up email to Carnival highlighting the most memorable times on the trip (aside from our Wedding of course). We are having two of the cards you used on us framed and mounted as to never forget this experience! We still talk about your magic and in fact, right now in my wallet is the 3 of hearts (that had the corner in the center or the card), and when people are talking magic or just trippy stuff I bring out the card and explain how you blew our minds. Thanks again for everything we had a blast!!

Pat & Jackie (Carnival Victory Passengers)


Wow, if you’re looking for a professional magician in the San Antonio area, this guy is it!  He performed at my restaurant (Canyon Cafe - Quarry Market location) for several months and has been excellent with enhancing the guest experience here in the restaurant.  He is non-intrusive, polite, professional, and really knows how to "read" our diners to give them the best time possible while waiting for their meals.  I recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a good show put on by one of San Antonio's best performers.  Either for a business event, or a home party, I can definitely say we would call on no-one else to perform for our crowd!  This guy is a pro.

Daniel S (Canyon Cafe Southwestern Grill)


Just a quick note to say thank you again and to let you know that I received some very positive feedback regarding your performance. Our youngesters were very impressed and wished you had stayed in front of them for the entire performance!

Michael M - Fraternal Order of Eagles


Thanks for the laughs. You're were not only amazing, but really funny.

John T (Carnival Imagination Passenger)


I enjoyed your performance, and hanging out with you was fun too.  All the best as you wow the crowds sailing the high seas!

Daryl S (Carnival Conquest Passenger)